My Pink Side

This is My World.

This is my world, Theses people are my own,

The things I know now are the things they have known.

They taught me to live, to love and to fight.

They taught me what’s wrong, and to do what is right.

They live on through me as I do as they taught,

I must strive to achieve that for which they fought.

Their life and their love were not in vein,

I write, sing and live to keep and  remember their name.

So as we go into the world let us not forget

The place from where we came and those we never met.

They struggled and fought and learned so that we

Could through them learn those lessons and not ourselves see

The horrors some saw, may we never return,

But instead see peace, prosperity and humanity standing firm.

For them I ask, can we see past -that on which we don’t agree

To find solutions to the problems, which we desperately need.


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