I’m sure my degree in public relations from University of North Texas will take me far. I have learned so much from each one of my professors, and have decided to highlight a few in my final blog for my final class. 


  • Professor Nikhil Morrow, who taught my first journalism writing class, helped me understand how to approach the world with a journalistic mind set. His “little golden nuggets of wisdom” remind me that if something is happening, I should always ask why. He taught me to withhold my own judgments and to be inquisitive and see things objectively.
  • Professor Strutton, who teaches marketing, taught me that in marketing it is all about value. Any message that a marketer, journalist, advertiser or PR practitioner creates must contain value in order to be received by the intended audience. As message senders it is up to us to figure out what our desired audience places the most value in. If we can find it and somehow relate our product to it, the audience will be much more receptive to our product or message. When I learned this, I had no idea how much it would be a part of the rest of my PR degree.
  • Professor Bill Ford taught me many things that I will take into my future. In addition to all of the computer programs that he taught me to manipulate, he also taught me the importance of proximity and white space. Although I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed design, Ford taught me the importance of a critical eye and proximal objects. I don’t believe before him I appreciated just how much a teensy-weensy-little-micro-milimeter move can improve a design.
  • Professor Kathy Hinnen is a wonderful woman! At first I think I thought “geez this woman is trying to kill us,” but now I understand that she was simply conveying the importance of proper grammar. Anytime I’m talking about her class I say that although I knew the how to make the grammar correct, in Hinnen’s class, I learned why it is correct. I don’t think I would be half of the proof-reader I am today had it not been for professor Hinnen’s awesomeness.
  • My final PR class is the one for which I have started writing my blog again. I was so scared at the beginning of the semester because I had heard how tough Professor Bufkins was, but I can say now that those who complained must have just not gotten it. Everything I have learned from Buf has been awesome, but one of the most important things she taught me is that every single message sent should been crafted and sent strategically.
  • A message, especially one on behalf of a brand or company, has so much impact that it must be made very carefully. Most anything written in this digital age can spread like wildfire if it contains the right components. A mistaken Tweet or Facebook post, for instance, could make the broadcast news if sent by the right person at the right time. That is only a negative reason messages should be crafted carefully, the positive list of reasons why is a whole other blog post. 

I just want to thank these professors for all of their dedication, enthusiasm and knowledge. Everything they have taught me and every interaction we have shared has helped me on this path to graduation and will impact my life for years to come.



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