How to Strategically Choose the Right Promotional Merchandise

Spring is on its way! And with it comes many opportunities for face to face contact with consumers at festivals and expos. Events such as Earth day, Arts and Music festivals and every other festival or expo is an opportunity to target a specific demographic that a company may want to reach. If done well, festivals or expos create an opportunity to gain new consumers.

To make these face to face interactions valuable promotional items are good to have at the events. If valuable, promotional items put a company’s brand in the perfect position to encourage word of mouth advertising. A company with sustainability integrated into its business practices should consider promotional items that best align with its organizational goals.

For instance, many companies have begun giving reusable bags or water bottles as promotional items. You may not be able to get a student to wear a 7Eleven shirt to class, but if you give them a coffee mug, they are a walking advertisement for 7Eleven coffee every time they take it to class or to study in the library. It also can prompt a conversation started by a question such as, “Oh, 7Eleven huh? Do they actually have good coffee?

When I am not at school studying strategic communication or sustainability, I am usually being a brand ambassador a promotional event (a job I thankfully stumbled upon). My experience with this extremely fun job has shown me which promotional items work and which ones don’t work as well.

It has been my experience that items which hold true value, such as water bottles, travel mugs, reusable bags, flash drives, and “get one free” coupons are good at encouraging conversations about the brand printed on them. Another benefit of these products is their ability to encourage behavioral change.

For instance if a company integrates sustainability in their business model, a quality reusable water bottle or travel coffee mug is actually a great item to add to the marketing budget. Not only does this allow the brand to go wherever the item is carried, but it helps the person begin to take sustainable steps on their own.

Enabling the consumer to independently feel the benefits of sustainability will help him or her understand the importance of choosing a company that integrates sustainability into its business. There are multiple options for sustainable promotional items. Green Promotional Items has an online catalog with very cool items for companies to consider.

If the ones your company chooses are valuable, they will help the consumer spread word of your brand and they can improve customer loyalty by highlighting a shared passion. And of course it’s wonderful to help encourage behavioral change by making sustainable choices easier for consumers to make.

Targeting techies?

Targeting techies?

Travel bottles can appeal to consumers from multiple target audiences.

Travel bottles can appeal to consumers from multiple target audiences.

Want to appeal to an athletic demographic?

Want to appeal to an athletic demographic?


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