Certification and Credibility

I’ve been writing about green messaging and companies that do it well and a few that aren’t as good at it. After comparing them, I have come to realize a key component to those which do a good job.

Credibility is a key factor for an audience’s decision about whether a company succeeds at green messaging. And it should be; in sustainable messaging, actions speak louder than words.

Credibility is gained by implanting socially sustainable business practices, integrating sustainability into operational functions and doing business in an economically responsible manner.  Another way for a company to gain credibility is to gain certification from accredited sources.

Each industry has its own accredited sources and different aspects within the industry in which to receive certification. For instance, a clothing company could have the opportunity to receive the following certification

These are only a few examples, there are many other accredited certifications and many universities also have certification programs. The number of certifications can be overwhelming, but with the right amount of time devoted to finding certification, a business can find the right ones.

In an interview for Green Business Certification, Elissa Loughman Patagonia Corporate Environmental Speacialist discusses Patagonia’s integration of sustainability and certifications. (Loughman’s interview is at 00:06:25)

With just a little bit of research, a company can find multiple accredited certifications to achieve. While learning about the certification, the company learns how to integrate sustainability in almost every aspect of business.

The certification also teaches the company how to measure and report on its ROI from its sustainable initiatives. Including its certification (where the company can improve and where it excelled) in its messages is a great way to generate genuine and credible sustainability message content.


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