Your Sustainable Message: Who Knows?

In PR we recognize that interactions at all levels of business should be considered when thinking about strategic communication. This, of course, includes a company’s consumers, but it also includes its employees, stakeholders, and the society in which it functions.

Printing messages of sustainability on packaging and putting them in media is a great way to get the word out, but one should not count out the importance of conveying your ongoing sustainability efforts to your internal publics as well.

Word of mouth advertising is powerful; it allows a company’s marketing messages to be conveyed by a third party source that is often credible to the message receiver. In Anatomy of Buzz, author Emanuel Rosen says that if a person receives a message on an advertisement and heard a different message about a competing product from a friend, that person is more likely to buy the product endorsed by their friend because they trust them more.

This applies in sustainable messaging as well.  If the general public, stakeholders and employees are informed about your company’s sustainable efforts, they are likely to talk about them with people they know, who in turn will hopefully share the information with their friends.

This highlights the importance of having clear, concise and consistent messaging. If a key message has clear meaning and is concise and consistent across all platforms, it is much easier to remember and share. Also the message will be spread more quickly if the benefit is meaningful and clear.

Making sure employees know about the company’s sustainability effort will help them have meaningful conversations with customers who may care to know. It will also allow them to casually bring it up in conversation if they feel it may increase a customer’s loyalty.

Consumers feel good when their money goes to a cause other than consumerism; arming as many publics as possible with the right sustainable messages helps them know that supporting your company is supporting a good cause as well.



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