How can you g…


How can you go green?

There are so many different areas that one can tackle when considering ways they can modify their current behavior to become more socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable.

Environmental Improvements

  • turn water off while not using it when brushing teeth
  • reusable bags, try to keep them in the car to encourage usage
  • turn off all lights when not in use and as much as possible rely on natural lighting
  • recycle, even if your home doesn’t offer it, it may be easier than you think with a little effort
  • donate, don’t discard. whether to your friends or good will, someone will appreciate old belongings
  • walk and bike when possible instead of driving, hard in Texas summers, but rewarding
  • purchase consciously, considering packaging and ingredients

Economic Modifications

  • buy in bulk when possible
  • invest in items that will last, rather than cheaper goods with less durability
  • be aware of your financial situation and make choices that will honor it
  • sites like groupon or living social will send you coupons for things you enjoy spending money on

Social Modifications

  • refrain from judgement with out facts
  • stay away from thinking in stereotypes
  • when minds from different disciplines converge more competent solutions are created
  • share your successes and failures with others
  • dont be afraid to tell someone that you appreciate their effort
  • when possible, help
  • smile or acknowledge people, all deserve at the minimum, acknowledgement
  • I know its cliche, but the “Golden Rule” comes in here

Those are a just a few things that when practiced will create, for the most part, a more sustainable personal environment. There are many things not discussed here that would rely on more time on my part. I will attack each area more at length later… these are just a minimal few I conjured up just now.

Hope everyone is having a fantabulous day!!

Inspire each other with enthusiasm, dedication, and love.





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