social and economic sustainability?

It has been a while since I posted last. What can I say, last semester was very busy. The upcoming one seems to be just as promising. Despite my lack of time to blog about it, I learned quite a bit about sustainability this last semester. What I would like to address in this post, however, is the breadth of sustainability.

Often when people hear the word “Sustainability” they think of things that are eco-friendly, such as low emission vehicles, recycling, and debate about pollution control that is so often in the media. What the word often fails to conjure up, however, is thought about the social and economical ramifications of being a sustainably minded individual.

The social ramifications of sustainability are very happy, sunshiny thoughts of oneness and considering others as well as ourselves. To many people these thoughts may seem hippie-ish and socialist, but to consider what is involved mentally in being sustainable, leads one to these thoughts of relative social equality. If I am to do what will be sustainable in things economic and environmental, then I must consider how my own actions, choices and decisions affect the things around me. Once I extend this consideration to inanimate things, it tends to spread to include animate things as well. If I wish to leave this Earth better for my children, and my children’s children, then that requires me to imagine what they would want from their Earth. And finally, once I consider that, I realize there are people living here now that don’t even enjoy the Earth I wish to leave to my children.

That my friends, is to me the domino effect of a sustainably minded individual. Once we begin to consider things required to consider in order to think sustainably, this landslide of information begins pouring forth and we can begin to imagine what kind of work actually would need to be done to change anything about our current situation. Which is a good enough segway into economic sustainability, which is almost as fun, if not more, to discus than social sustainability.

Economic sustainability is so fun to discus because it shows the need and beneficiality(yes that is a made up word) of thinking and being sustainable. For those not involved in finances or business, a ROI is a return on investment. This is a major term that takes part in deeming things sustainable or not. If one has to invest  thousands to implement a new, environmentally friendly product; then one will want to know how quickly they will receive their investment back and what kind of impact it will make upon their business in the long-run. The great part about this in the realm of sustainability, is that for the most part the ROI is obvious and a wonderful justification of “going green”.

The changes implemented in being more efficient can often actually make things more economically efficient as well- which is magical!

Well in keeping with the theme of not having time to blog, I am out of time but I will take more to discuss these and other topics later! Thanks for the read! Hope you have a wonderful day and take time to consider how easy some changes can be.


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