Entering the World of Sustainability: A beginners journey

Well in compliance with my supervisors recommendation I am going to begin this blog to discuss my journey through the world of sustainability as I learn, grow and hopefully become more impact full. 🙂

A brief introduction:

My name is Mackenzie Yelvington, I am a Strategic Communications major at the University of North Texas. I recently interviewed the Director of the Office of Sustainability as an assignment for one of my journalism classes and at the end of the interview the director, Dr. Todd Spinks, Ph.D. offered me a chance to come into the office and meat the outreach coordinator, Nicole Cocco, to see if I would fit in anywhere in the office. Dr Spinks also informed me that there just wasn’t anyone in Public Relations (my specialty within Strat. Comm.) that had the sustainability knowledge set, and that for the most part to work for the office, candidates must be trained in sustainability prior to beginning work. It was this little “nugget of wisdom” that inspired me to focus on sustainability.

Since that day I met with Ms. Cocco and now am writing content for the Sustainability Web site. UNT recently began offering a Major and Masters program in Sustainability, however there is currently not a minor in the field. Consequently, I decided to continue with my Philosophy minor and take all of my remaining electives in sustainability courses. After the first couple of articles it was glaringly obvious that although I was learning quite a bit of new things about the environment in my sustainability course that I was going to have to seek outside sources to get more familiar with the “sustainability jargon” so I would be better equipped to write about it.

This is where my journey really started to take off. I downloaded podcasts and my supervisor, Ms. Cocco, gave me a few books to peruse. I learned quickly that sustainability is probably more addicting than philosophy… maybe. The amount of information I have found is not only exciting but also inspiring. I look forward to sharing more with everyone as my journey continues. Thank you for your time and I look forward to supplying more reading for you in the future 🙂


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  1. * Dan Hardick says:

    Very interesting MacKenzie! I am looking forward to reading about your findings.

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 7 months ago

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